Some of your clients have an old spa? Make something new out of an old spa by replacing any parts with new Gecko components.  

Watch some examples!


Take a look at how easy it is to install Gecko's in.clear bromine based water sanitization for spas and hot tubs on your customers' spas.



An old spa and the Gecko Team!  Altogether, they do miracles with our Gecko Retrofit Program.  Take a look at our video where we change almost everything from old to new with an in.k1000 keypad, XP2e pump, in.ye spa control system, an in.clear and an in.touch 2!



This old spa has suddenly stopped working.  Thanks to the Gecko Retrofit Program, our friends from Aqua Services Laurentides bring it back to life with a new in.ye control system and a new in.k300 keypad.



This spa wasn't working for months. Our team took charge of it by installing a new in.ye control system, a new in.k35 keypad and Gecko's wireless remote control, in.touch 2.

Look at a swim spa makeover from Sonshine hot tub service in Ottawa, Canada.