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Welcome to our video library which features promotional clips and tutorial step-by-step guides on how to install, connect, configure and use our control systems, keypads, pumps and value-added accessories for spas and hot tubs.

This library is a work in progress. Check back regularly to view our latest releases.

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GeckoTV presentation

“We’ve been collecting questions and requests that spa users have sent us. We’ll answer as many as we can in short video clips.”

Go to site for more info 2 outdoor audio system

designed to deliver clean, crisp rich sound in the hi-fi rendition expected by music lovers, 2 features Class D amplifier technology and a built-in power supply.

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swim spa settings

transform your spa into the ultimate training machine. It,s like having your own coach to watch over you directly on Gecko’s in.k1000+, training session can be customized by setting flow intensities, durations and color indicators.

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vocal assistant general explanation

in.touch 2 is now fully compatible with Amazon Alexa’s and Google Home’s complete families of home vocal assistants. You can now “talk” to your spa!

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in.touch ic intro video

Remote supervision of spa and hot tub installed base for spa and hot tub professionals. More than a new pro app, a smarter way to work!

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Pimp your spa

Do something new out of an old spa with Gecko's Retrofit Program.  Replace and add parts with new Gecko components.

Take a look at some examples.

in.touch 2 short presentation

Easily integrate your spa to the Internet of Things! Gecko Alliance’s in.touch 2 is the ultimate wireless remote control for your spa.  It has never been that easy to connect your spa on the internet.

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in.mix 300

See how beautiful your spa can be with our in.mix 300, the new Gecko's light system for your spa.

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Gecko's Tech Support Department

Everyday, Gecko Alliance receives calls and emails from spa dealers, technicians and end users. At anytime, our technical support experts are ready to answer your questions about Gecko products and solutions for spas and hot tubs, wherever you may be!

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Gecko Alliance 2016 summer tour teaser video

This summer, Gecko’s sales team is embarking on a surfer style road trip to let you know all about big waves coming your way. Color waves, sound waves, smart waves for you to catch, taking form in new and amazing accessories for spas and hot tubs. We’ll see you soon! Malama pono!

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Many languages spoken here!

A video vignette on the multilingual interface of our in.k1000 keypad with color capacitive touch screen display for spas and hot tubs.

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Truly interactive

First of a series of video vignettes on our new full featured in.k1000 keypad with color capacitive touch screen display for spas and hot tubs.

More on in.k1000... 2 and in.p4 intro video clip

A quick intro to Gecko Alliance's 2 outdoor audio station and in.p4 media player docking station for spas and the whole backyard!

April 2016

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2016 technical seminars tour

Get the edge of knowing it all! installation, use, troubleshooting. Gecko’s technical seminars are hands-on workshops on everything Gecko: control systems, keypads, pumps and value added accessories.

April 2016

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A little clip to show how our new in.k1000 capacitive touch screen display keypad is handling the job under rainy conditions.

February 2016


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A moment with Galin Savov

During the Piscina Wellness expo, we stopped by Europa Spas’s stand and asked a few questions to Mr. Galvin Savov about Europa Spas, Gecko Alliance, Gecko products in general and, more specifically, Gecko's in.clear water sanitization system for spas.

October 2015

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Teaser video for Piscina Wellness

Here is the teaser video we played in loop in our booth during the Piscina Wellness expo in Barcelona. Thanks to Mathieu Beauchemin for lending his voice.

October 2015

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The Gecko Zone teaser video

In August, our sales team is giving personalized presentations of new products to actual and potential customers.

july 2015

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in.clear teaser video

spa water as clear, as clean and as soft has it could be.

march 2015

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in.clear cell bracket stand installation

installation of cell bracket stands to fix in.clear in place.

march 2015

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in.k800 controlling in.mix underwater color light system

Specify, modify or synchronize the colors of your spa light zones.

march 2015

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pre-show teaser video

Video teaser of Gecko Alliance's control systems, pumps and value-added accessories for spa and hot tubs that were displayed at the International Pool, Spa Patio Expo in Orlando, November 5-7 2014 (booth 1820) and at the Piscine Global Expo in Lyon, France, November 18-21 2014 (booth 6E72).

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october 2014



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