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A quick list of our latest releases, control systems, keypad, pumps and accessories that we will make a difference in the spa and hot tub industry.

This list is a work in progress. Check back regularly to view new additions.

New evolved pack

With Gecko’s, you got so much more to offer to your customers. Gecko Alliance’s R&D team also thinks about you! Our pack has been upgraded so you can install your equipment in the best conditions, easily and quickly. No more headache or hesitation. It becomes child’s play!

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New affordable lighted keypad

Who said luxury is unaffordable? At Gecko Alliance, we think everybody deserves it! Our new in.k330 is the perfect alternative for those who want a solidly built keypad with a classy look and a distinctive display. Optimize your customers’ experience with this nice upgrade.

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New dual temperature heat pump

in.temp is the new way to regulate the water of any spa. This plug and play solution is so easy to use. Once connected to a Y series control, the job is done. Using our in.temp is definitely saving energy and money!

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For quick, easy and clean installation

The cables and LED lights system are designed not only to be the perfect companions to the in.mix 300 lighting console, but also to dramatically ease the whole process of installing cables, lights and other equipment necessary to seriously light up your spa. 

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vocal assistant
Yes! You can now talk to your spa!

in.touch 2 is now fully compatible with Amazon Alexa’s and Google Home’s complete families of home vocal assistants. You can now “talk” to your spa through Alexa or Google, ask questions and get helpful answers or give basic commands on settings and functions.

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Select, use and synchronize alternative heat sources.

Our new system interface lets you select, use and synchronize alternative heat sources, like heat pumps, to efficiently keep the spa water warm. Also acts as a hub to connect up to four (4) control buttons.

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in.touch ic
Remote supervision of your spa and hot tub installed base. 

More than a new pro app for spa and hot tub dealers, retailers and techni-cians, a smarter way to work!

  • Installation Coverage. IC all!

  • Instant Connection. IC now!

  • Immediate Contribution. IC you!

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flo-master xp2e & xp2 bl ce

Blue to the core, bold, lean, and great for the bottom line. New environmentally friendly Flo-Master’s xp2e and xp2 bl ce pumps can be easily customized and calibrated to optimize performance and enhanced energy efficiency.

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flo-master xp2 le

Familiar body! Different beast! Think about a jet pump and a circulation pump, in a single body… that’s the new Aqua-Flo by Gecko XP2-LE pump! 

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in.touch 2 wireless mobile remote

in.touch 2 transmitters and iOS or Android application with push notifications make it very easy to control and program your spa even when you’re away from home.

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circ-master cmxp ce

Smart design, cool runnings, new cmxp ce features Increased filtration efficiency, greater flow to heater and compact design for continuous duty operation.

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in.mix 300 lighting control for spas

Create stunning underwater color shows with Gecko's light system for your spa.

  • A lighting control console at your fingertips

  • Lights up to three different color zones

  • The power to create the perfect ambiance

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in.p4 docking station for spas

Integrate your digital audio sources to your spa and its control system in a seamless and safe way.

  • docks and connects your smartphone

  • protects your sources

  • lets you control your audio from spa side

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in.k1000 touch screen display keypad

Introducing our new full featured in.k1000 keypadwith color capacitive touch screen display.

  • fun, simple, engaging

  • truly interactive

  • larger, faster, cooler

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Streamed from your spa, your favorite music never sounded so good!

  • Awesome sound quality

  • All in one audio system

  • Full control from spa side

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in.yj control systems

Our new in.yj is perfect for any small footprint spa.

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 control systems

Top of the line has all it takes to easily power larger size spas.

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in.clear water sanitization system

From Gecko Alliance comes in.clear, the most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitization system ever offered to spa owners. In.clear keeps water so clear, you’ll want to touch it, you’ll need to feel it!

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in.k800 color keypad

With its bright, full color display and the high resolution of its screen, in.k800 main keypad provides an intuitive user experience and brings the spa user interface to a new level. 

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