A Gecko Alliance initiative for optimal spa & hot tub selection to demonstrate that a spa equipped with Gecko components has a superior value that a comparable model equipped with components from a competing brand.

The perfect tool for in store promotion, customer consultation tool (while waiting for the next available rep, for example), email promotion and staff training. in.yourspa dedicated dealer micro-web site is always up-to-date, complete, relevant and easy to use, can be used as a web kiosk in dealer showrooms with content displayed on tablets, computers or TVs.


the 6 user benefits of the in.yourspa program


pure enjoyment

Accessories - sanitization, lighting, remotes, streaming, and more — perform in unison to optimize the spa user experience.


ease of use

Comfort, intuition, efficiency and simplicity of the interface are as important as shape of the keypad or texture of buttons.



From components built to out-perform the competition, to accessories that get the most out of a spa or a hot tub.


energy efficiency

Energy-saving component, heaters, pumps, lights, cover, insulation and more, works in synergy to their optimal potential.



Components made right the first time, so users don't have to deal with upgrades to get what they want from their spa.



All of our products include innovative safety features, and are rigorously tested before they hit the market.