A smart way to control external heat sources for your spa


Select, use and synchronize alternative heat sources

Connected to a Y series control system, in.grid acts as a dispatcher of external heating sources such as your heat pump, your central house heating system or your gas heater. You can also connect up to five single button in.k110 switches to control spa accessories.

Benefit from energy

With in.grid, take full advantage of your external heat sources to optimize your savings, depending on your external heating system and your climate.  Choose the mode that suits you the best between our four selection.

Connect up to
five single button switches

Two in.grid models are available, based on your needs:  five single button in.k110 switches or four in.k110 switches and a CO port. The CO port is used to connect any accessories in the communication chain of your system.


Our new smart system interface lets you take advantage of your alternative heat source and control your spa accessories

  • control external heat source for your spa

  • 5 different heating mode of operations

  • control your spa accessories with 4 or 5 in.k110 switches

  • jumpers selectable for accessory control

  • CO port for other accessories

  • automatically detected by the spa control system at power up

  • compatible with all in.ye and in.yt control system versions

  • requires software core 61 revision 46 to operate properly

  • 140 °F (60 °C) max. operating temperature


Connect up to five single button switches to in.grid



Installing in.grid with a heat exchange unit



Installating in.grid with an external heat pump or a gas heater



in.grid ordering guide


Part numbers:

  • in.grid 5 AC model
    (Part #0608-521034)

  • in.grid 4 AC and CO model
    (Part #0608-521033)


in.grid documentation