our customers


our customers


our customers

We design, make and market control systems, keypads, pumps and accessories for spas and hot tubs manufacturers, distributors, dealers and technicians.

We also want to raise consumer awareness of our products by demonstrating that a spa equipped with Gecko components has a superior value than a comparable model equipped with components from a competing brand.


spa manufacturers

For spa and hot tub manufacturers all over the world, we’re the perfect partner!

dealers & techs

Tailored programs to promote and support Gecko spa solutions at retail level.


in.yourspa web tool made available to buyers for optimal spa & hot tub selection.


A few good vibes and comments received from the field from satisfied customers.




spa manufacturers


Providing the best experience possible to the users of our customers’ spas.

Through a perfect understanding of what’s needed, we put to work our expertise in plastic, metal, electronic, software and user behavior to design, manufacture and ship control systems, keypads, pumps and accessories.


for spa manufacturers, we’re the perfect partner!

We design, we make and we deliver not only efficient, reliable, powerful and safe spa components but complete and harmonized products and supply solutions through:


creative r&d

Committed to innovation, our multidisciplinary research and development team partners with our customer resources to create the perfect customized solutions.


manufacturing flex

With state of the art and quality certified manufacturing and assembly lines, automated production equipment, low- and high-volume capacities and multiple factory locations.


global scope

Our scope is really global with worldwide supply sourcing, manufacturing facilities in Canada and Mexico, warehouses in North America, China and Holland, 


customer service

Our team provides to our customers accurate and timely information and manage stock and consignments, forecasts, production follow-ups, shipment tracking and much more.


technical support

A certified & experienced team dedicated to reliability and motivated by improvements provides a large umbrella of service tools, technical seminars and training.


quality relationships

A multi-layered team at work for our customers to keep contact, visit plants, manage requests, improve products and processes and maintain quality relations.



Dealers and Techs

Dealers and Techs

spa dealers and technicians


Gecko offers to spa dealers and technicians specific programs to facilitate their work.

Not only promote the superior benefits of Gecko components, but to focus on the business and support elements that Gecko can bring.


Integrated tools for in store promotion, customer consultation and staff training in always up-to-date complete, relevant and easy to use dealer dedicated web kiosk.

For spa distributors, dealers and technicians, Gecko Depot is a dedicated service and support team and an online store for products, accessories and parts.

Some of your clients have an old spa?  Talk to them about Gecko's retrofit program!  Make something new out of an old spa by replacing any parts with new Gecko components.  

Gecko logo Y series

Point of purchase promotional material to support the marketing of Gecko’s Y series control systems as the best retrofit spa control system in the industry.

Point of purchase promotional material for Gecko’s in.clear, the most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitization system ever offered to spa owners.

Gecko’s technical seminars are hands-on workshops for dealers and technicians.on everything Gecko: control systems, keypads, pumps and value added accessories.




in.yourspa for end-users


Learn about Gecko components, find the nearest dealers and configure your spa for the best experience you can have.

A Gecko Alliance initiative for optimal spa & hot tub selection to demonstrate to consumers that a spa equipped with Gecko components has a superior value than a comparable model equipped with components from a competing brand.


benefits & features

Where user benefits are defined in features which are associated to Gecko components and spa models.

in.yourspa brands

To review in.yourspa manufacturers, choose a spa model, learn about its components and find the nearest dealer.

spa configurator

Configure a spa, review matching in.yourspa models, learn about their components and find a dealer.





Good vibes from the field


We believe in treating our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves and we’re committed to actually do it.


Once again, thank you to you and your company for standing with your customers and supporting your product. I will look for Gecko products when we buy our next tub.
— B. Brehm (via email)
Your company is a very good company, friendly people and great at answering questions. Wish you were nearer so i could buy you guys a beer.
— J. Dvornicky (via email)

I have spoken several times to a French and a UK gentlemen and they were very helpful and patient, and I finally have figured out my in.clear Gecko system. I had just purchased my tub and was not at all familiar with this method and could not get any answers from the company I purchased the hot tub from. Without their help I would have probably never figured out the problem. Thank you!
— V. McCormick via email
Je voulais prendre un petit moment pour vous remercier du partage et surtout vous féliciter pour votre engagement. En lisant votre communiqué, j’ai ressentie toutes les valeurs que nous partageons vers un Québec en meilleur santé. Votre entreprise est un exemple incroyable de ce que des ambassadeurs peuvent faire sur le terrain.
— S. Charette - Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie

Thank you for making and supporting such a wonderful and dynamic product.
— M. Smejkal (via web)
We highly recommend Gecko, their systems are easy to use, quality is very good and the afterservice is brilliant.
— M. Treacy - via Facebook

Thank you for investing in quality people and innovations. Thank you for being responsive. I have gone from being one of Gecko’s critics to being a Gecko fan. Keep up the good work!
— from OEM 2017 NPS survey
The products you offer are high quality, and have great dependability. We have found that the return rate on the Y-Class packs has been virtually none... Amazing. Truly.
— from OEM 2017 NPS survey

Gecko is very easy to deal and work with. If there is problem that pops up, they quickly handle it. If I need something, they are there for me and take care of my need as quick as they can. Very pleasant.
— from Dealer 2017 NPS survey

The in.k1000 and in.stream2 are home runs from a features and performance standpoint. The money and effort that Gecko has spent on development shows. Thank you for the commitment of our support team!
— from OEM 2017 NPS survey
Honestly compared to industry standards, Gecko truly blows away its competition when it comes to how the RMAs are handled, lead times to process etc. I really truly have no complaints.
— from OEM 2017 NPS survey

Our overall experience with Gecko is GREAT; always prompt & courteous.
— from Dealer 2017 NPS survey
Gecko is by far the best electronics manufacturer in the industry - in process, support, quality & price.
— from Dealer 2017 NPS survey

C’est une usine qui fabrique des pièces spécialisées pour spa et les techniciens & techniciennes qui y travaillent méritent un bravo pour leur production.
— cla fer (google review - 5 stars)

Thanks for the great service! I’ll make sure and show my appreciation if I get a survey or anything. Usually when you email a company off their website, the chances of you getting a great response like yours is very low. Thanks for taking the extra time for me. I appreciate it!
— J. Bolton (via web and email)
The only other thing I wanted to say was “thank you” to your company for your product innovations. To my knowledge, no other company is competing with you guys in this market and you are really putting out some top-notch devices. You’ve allowed me to continuously upgrade my 10 year old spa to give me the latest features that would otherwise require me to buy a completely new spa.
— M. Hopfenspirger (via email)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! We can’t extend our gratitude enough to the very impressive customer service we received last night. We recently upgraded a twelve year old Hydropool tub to the Gecko In.XE.5 spa pack. The dealer provided us some very poor instructions on how to configure it and then they were completely useless in assisting us with our situation when the configuration failed to work. I contacted you directly last night and received the most professional, courteous and accurate customer service I’ve probably ever received from an organization. We love the new controller and the simplicity of the interface to control our tub. Great job all around!
— G. Furtney (via website)

Merci beaucoup pour un service impeccable!
— M. Brisebois (via email)

Just got off the phone with one of your tech from your help department who helped me solve a problem with a in.ye unit. I wanted to commend him for his patience and expertise.
— E. Rosenbaum (via web site)
I wanted to write to you and express sincere gratitude for the “super fast” resolution of our spa issue. After battling through our retailer for 3 months on the inoperable In-Clear system, you and our service technician had a resolution in less than one week. Kudos to Gecko for great customer service.
— C. & D. Palmer (via email)

Wow, awesome service. Prompt and dead on. Can’t thank you enough.
— M. Patterson (via email)

I just wanted you to know that your recommendation was perfect. I received the new Gecko heater assembly last week and was able to install it easily. My hot tub has been operating for 5 days now with no problem with maintaining the set temperature. Thanks again for your great technical support!
— R. Foate (via email)
I had some issues with the in.clear system but Gecko came through with a solution and with the best customer assistance i have ever received from a company after the retailer failed to provide help. It is great to see a small Canadian company rise and become a leader on a global market. I am curious to see where Gecko will excel next. Thanks to the whole team for your assistance in resolving my issue.
— M. Picard (via Facebook)

I have received the answer that I was looking for from tech support. It is nice to see that some companies are still providing support to consumers.
— J. Luthe (via email)

LL24. It worked. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
— J. Steebler (via email)
I cannot thank you enough for your prompt and detailed reply!! Amazing!

I have since spoken to my customer and I know she spoke to you as well and is really happy with the information you gave her!
— J. Smith (via email)

This short message is intended to let you know of my satisfaction with your employees with whom I had contact. Being myself in business, I recognize the professionalism of people but for your employees, I congratulate you because they are very much higher than normal. I am told that you are a responsible company and with employees like that, I congratulate you and wish you all the success you deserve.

It was a real pleasure to do business with these professionals. They really help me a lot. A very big thank you to your experts that make you honor to Gecko.
— J.P. Vincent (via web site)

I would like to personally thank my tech support representative with Gecko Depot for his exceptional customer service today assisting me with a new Gecko topside panel I had recently ordered. His patience and the long lost art of LISTENING TO THE CUSTOMER helped make my entire day useful instead of spending most of it researching something as simple as a jumper position. I find him to be very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I will not hesitate in recommending GECKODEPOT.COM to other dealers/technicians in the future and look forward to placing my next order with you! Thank you again. Strong work. Refreshing to say the least!
— D. Bower (via email)
I purchased a “Y” series spa pack as a retro-fit install on an existing spa I owned that had a Gecko pack previously. Upon installation, something was not quite right. I contacted Gecko’s tech-support and they immediately understood the problem and told me how to fix it. The spa worked like it was brand new after that. A week later, I had another issue. Because of the awesome help I received, I contacted tech-support again in hopes of getting some help. Again, they were able to understand the problem (burned-out fuse) and told me which one to replace. Not only was the tech-support great, but this spa pack was engineered with such failsafes that when the electrical system on my very old house sent a surge of electricity to my spa, only a fuse was ruined and not the entire system. Thank you Gecko for making such a great product, like the “Y” series spa pack, and also for having such great tech-support.
— S. Halstead (via web site)

Gecko Alliance has stepped up HUGE after hearing the disaster of my spa pack failure and the mess I have been in for the last few days, actually months since it was installed. Yes, the company certainly does back their product and I now have to say customer service is excellent as well! Thank you Gecko for 1) Answering my complaint and 2) Actually taking care of the whole situation. THANK YOU!!
— S. Fish (via Facebook)

If only I could get our other vendors to follow up as quickly as you guys do, boy would my job be easier!
— T. Cramer (via email)

I recently talked to your technical services group and they were amazing. They did a superb job... I just want to complement you and your team as far as what a quality job of customer service you do.
— A. Horrenson (via voice mail)

I contacted your company because I was having issues with our “new” hot tub.  It was not heating and having purchased it at an auction we were not sure who to contact in regards to fixing it.  I have to say that everyone I dealt with at Gecko were the utmost professionals and were eager to help me with my problem.... It is not very often that I have come across a company where everyone I came in contact with was pleasant, helpful and re-assuring. Thank you - everyone.
— M. Jobb (via email)

Merci à l’équipe Gecko de toujours innover. Good job!
— P. Dumaresq (via Facebook)

Thank you for such a speedy reply! You get an A+ for customer service. Many companies could learn from your prompt and personal service approach. My compliments.
— F. Nika (via email)

Awesome customer service. Gecko takes care of you. So thankful that there are still companies out there that take pride in their customer service and take care of their customers. 5 star rating on product AND customer service. Well done Gecko. And thank you.
— K. Adams (via Facebook)

Excellent service de l’équipe de @GeckoAlliance, un excellent produit québécois en plus.
— D. Joly (via Twitter)

Awesome, awesome equipment!
— J. Thomas (via Facebook)