Value-added accessories


Value-added accessories


increase the quality of the spa experience


Wireless control from mobile devices, water sanitization, audio streaming and other value-added accessories and peripherals to increase the quality of the spa experience.


in.clear water sanitization

The most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitization system ever offered to spa owners. Clear, clean and soft water everytime you use your spa!

in.touch wifi mobile remote

Control all functions of a spa from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with one of Gecko’s in.touch apps. Use predefined spa experiences or customize your own.

underwater color system

in.mix controller produces uniform lighting in a complete umbrella of colors. Choose your color according to your mood or synchronize zones for a real light show.

in.stream audio streaming

Stream your favorite music, internet radio or podcasts wirelessly from your spa. Gecko’s in.stream is equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver and an amplifier. 

dynamic jet sequencer

By grouping jets into distinctive sets and electronically controlling the action of each one of them, the DJS-1 adds a totally new and highly effective dimension to any spa.